"I'll Tell You All About Georgia..."

I am the unofficial-official tour guide for my friends (and their friends) who visit Georgia. It's a "job" that I love, and that usually leaves the guidees thinking "Well, that was weird."

I am always happy to show the usual highlights, but I warn them ahead of time that I will point out the strange stuff, and a trip to a cemetery is a strong possibility.

I seek out the unusual, unique things that make Georgia an unusual and unique state.

In 2005, a publishing company used several of my photos to illustrate their book, "Strange But True Georgia." Since I love showing the world the strange but true places in Georgia, I'm always happy to see that side of the state promoted.

"Tonight Feels A Little Like Georgia..."

"Some Nights I Dream About Georgia..."

But Georgia is also a beautiful state. Its waterfalls, rivers, lakes, mountains, piedmont, and coast line are some of our greatest treasures. And each season gives us a new way of looking at them. Georgia can't be experienced in a few days or weeks. It can take years. You can live here all your life and still discover new things.

I consider this web site to be my love song to Georgia. And to further that thought, a large part of this web site uses the songs that pay tribute to the state. Trust me, there are a ton of songs about Georgia, or that mention Georgia or its towns.

It is true that the moon over Georgia shines brighter than anywhere else. However, it is not true that the only jobs people can get are picking peaches. It does not rain THAT much here. And most people arrive in Georgia by automobile or plane, rarely by train.

I hope you enjoy your cyber visit to Georgia via this section of the Beyond The Palace web site. And if the mood strikes you, y'all are always welcome to see the Peach State in person.

"I’ll Sing A Love Song to Georgia..."

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The Civil War in Georgia

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