Well, That Was Weird
Hey, I Thought We Were In Georgia
Now and then, you may get the feeling that you've left Georgia. But fear not...

Are we at Stonehenge? Nope
The Georgia Guidestones

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In Elbert County, Georgia, a large set of granite slabs stand alone the middle of a field. They announce ten rules for the "Age of Reason," in eight different languages.

The Georgia Guidestones were established by a mysterious group that has never come forward to identify themselves publicly. All records were recorded under a pseudonym, and are not public.

Willkommen! Sprechen Sie Deutsches?

In the north Georgia mountains, there is a town where people don't look twice at a man walking down the street wearing lederhosen. Okay, they'll look twice, but they won't find it odd or strange. It's part of the aura of Helen, Georgia. This quaint Bavarian village in the mountains is host to millions of visitors each year.

Helen hosts a two month long Oktoberfest. In December, it is a perfect setting to get you in the mood for Christmas. Make sure to visit when the flowers are blooming in the Spring, or the leaves are changing in the fall. Heck, visit year round. It's a great place.

I Love New York, er, North Georgia

If you can't make it to New York City, you can still visit The Statue of Liberty without having to hop a ferry. This replica of Lady Liberty stands in front of the old Fannin County Courthouse in Blue Ridge.

She supports a large street lamp because nights in the Georgia mountains are darker than they are in New York City.

Miss the Big Apple? Visit Cornelia in Habersham. They have the real thing... a Big Red Apple statue. The Apple is honored by the town's annual Big Apple Festival.

The Grand Canyon (of south Georgia)

In the 1800s, new settlers to the area began farming the land. Erosion soon took over and gullies began to develop. As the years passed, the erosion grew worse. Today, the canyon continues to erode and change, although trees and brush have helped slow it some.

If you can't make it to Arizona, Providence Canyon in Stewart County, Georgia, will let you get that Grand Canyon experience on a much smaller scale. While the one out west took millions of years to create, Georgia's Little Grand Canyon took a quicker approach to the process.

1600 Pennsylvania Avenue
3687 Briarcliff Road

You'll wonder if you took a wrong turn and ended up in Washington D.C. as your drive down Briarcliff Road in Atlanta and see a very familiar residence.

Atlanta's White House is slightly scaled replica of the famous one on Pennsylvania Avenue. It is the home of Iranian-born Fred Milani. The home is a private residence, so please do not enter the gates.

"The Old West"

Not only do you feel as if you're in another state, you may also feel like you've gone back in time.

In Cartersville, Georgia, those with a hankering to visit the Old West can visit the Booth Museum of Western Art. Booth is the focal point of Bartow County's month-long "Cowboy and Indian Days" each October. (Among the month's events include the Southeastern Cowboy Symposium.)

So if you're in Cartersville this October, and you see Doc Holliday and Wyatt Earp sitting by you at the 4-Way Lunch, just tip your hat, and don't make any quick moves. They're pretty quick on the draw.

Detroit Rock City? You're half right.

For decades, the phrase "See Rock City" was one of the South's best known ad slogans. Along every highway and byway in the Deep South, you were bound to see a reminder to "See Rock City," usually painted on the roof of a barn.

Rock City is located on Lookout Mountain, along the Georgia-Tennessee line. During the Civil War, Lookout Mountain was the site of the "Battle Above the Clouds." In the 20th Century, it became known as a tourist attraction for fans of strange rock formations, underground waterfalls, and neighborhoods named after fairy folklore. Often associated with Chattanooga, Rock City is located in Georgia.

Although KISS made the name Rock City famous in their song "Detroit Rock City," there is no connection between the band and Georgia's Rock City... unless Gene Simmons is dressed as a gnome and sitting on the 1,000 ton balanced boulder.

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