Well, That Was Weird

The Land Of The Chicken

I wouldn't say that we worship the chicken in Georgia, but we do pay homage to our tasty, uh, feathered friends.

The photo to the left is the World Famous Big Chicken in Marietta. Most driving directions in Marietta include this landmark. (i.e. Turn left at The Big Chicken and go a mile.) In the 1990s, a tornado severely damaged our beloved friend. Talk of not rebuilding was quickly quashed by citizens of the metro Atlanta area. Yielding to public pressure, the owners brought the Big Chicken back, even better than before. The beak and eyes, which hadn't worked for decades, now snap and roll at the traffic on Highway 41.

Outside the Forsyth County Government Complex in Cumming, Georgia, a local hero is honored with a life size sculpture. This soft spoken man of the people is known simply as The Egg Man.

By day, The Egg Man works in the hen houses of Forsyth County in the ever-popular poultry industry. By night, he sleeps. Then the rooster crows and he's back in the hen house again.

The statue shows him carrying a basket of eggs in one hand, a chicken in the other. A little girl is seen running beside him, obviously singing his praises and thanking him for making breakfast and dinner possible for all of us. God bless you, Egg Man, and God bless America!

In Gainesville, Georgia, a majestic obelisk rises above the land. Topping this marble shaft is a magnificent sculpture honoring, you guessed it, the chicken.

This pulchritudinous piece of poultry perfection poses above Poultry Park.

Gainesville is proclaimed as the Poultry Capital of the World. What better way to honor its biggest industry than with this grand display.

In 1967, the first Chick Fil A restaurant opened. Since then, it has become a huge success nationwide. As more and more beef loving newcomers moved to Georgia, local cows began vandalizing billboards reminding people to "Eat Mor Chikin." Inspired by the success of their Georgia cousins, other bovine have been leaving their pro-chicken graffiti across America.

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