Old Macedonia Cemetery

Sarah Malinda (Lindy) Atkinson


Sarah Malinda Atkinson, Easel and Mary E Howell Atkinson

Children of Easel Atkinson and Mary E Howell Atkinson:
1. Louisa Atkinson, b. February 1883, Ga, she was called Lula
2. Second child is Sarah M Atkinson, b. September 1884, Ga, she was called Lindy,
3. Rosa L Atkinson, b. June 1886, Ga.
4. Mary S. Atkinson, b. September 1886, Ga ----Sarah (Lindy) is buried to the right of her sister Mary S Atkinson Smith.
5. John F Atkinson, b. June 1894, Ga
6. Joseph Atkinson, b. February 1899, Ga
7. Richard Atkinson, b. Abt 1901.
8. Viola Atkinson, b. Abt 1904
9. Della Atkinson, b. Abt 1907


Photos of family setting Lindy's stone


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Old Macedonia Cemetery, Bartow County, Georgia