Georgia songs

Here are quotes from a few Georgia songs

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"But if I ever get back to Georgia
There'll be no messin' around
If I ever get back to Georgia
I'm gonna nail my feet to the ground"

If I Ever Get Back To Georgia
by Hank Snow


"Georgia Lights, oh how I miss them in your eyes.
Georgia Lights, Take me home,
Take me home, I’ll be there tonight.
Goin’ home, goin’ home to your Georgia Lights"

Georgia Lights
by Marvelous 3

"In Carolina or in Georgia,
Open arms are waitin for ya,
In Carolina or in Georgia,
Smell the jasmine and magnolia"

Sweet Southern Comfort
by Buddy Jewell

" And then I got me a Georgia mansion
And an elegant New York townhouse flat
And I ain't done bad"

by Bobbie Gentry

"Oh the whipporwill roosts on the telephone pole
When the Georgia sun goes down
Well it's been a long time but I'm glad to say that I'm goin' back down to my home town"

Don't It Make You Want to Go Home
by Joe South


"When I was younger
How I would wonder
What made the sweet Georgia rain
Make me feel so warm
And how God made a Dixie storm
And how I loved those Dixie storms"

Dixie Storms
by Lone Justice

"Well our band got dropped and that ain't funny
'Cause we're all hooked on drugs but we're outta money
So the other day I called up the band
I said boys I've taken all I can
Shave off your goatees, pack the van
We're going back to Athens..."

Talkin' Seattle Grunge Rock Blues
by Todd Snider

"That red Georgia clay when mixed with the rain
Sure made for one nasty mess"

Growin' Up Down There
by Billy Currington

"Cause when the sun goes down in Georgia
I'll be drifting back in time
Wishin' love could've changed your mind
And when the moonlight shines through the pine trees
I'll get lost in memories
Dreaming you are here with me
Oh it's sad but true
I'm just your love-sick fool
So when the sun goes down in Georgia, oh
I'll be missin' you"

When The Sun Goes Down in Georgia
by Corey Smith

"I've got the Georgia town blues I've got to thinkin' bout you
And I'm walkin' my feet right out of my shoes
Well my baby's gone and left me took away my love
And I can't get to Georgia on the Greyhound stuff
Well a honky tonk woman with the dreamy eyes broke my heart in two
When I found out it was only lie I wound up with the blues
I've got the Georgia town blues I've got to thinkin' bout you
If I don't get to Georgia I'll never lose these blues"

Georgia Town Blues
by Webb Pierce

"All of my life I've been told
That the LA streets was paved with gold
Fame and fortune waiting to reward ya
But it didn't take long to understand
California ain't the promised land
But at least a man's a man in Georgia"

by The Charlie Daniels Band

Photo 1: Conyers, Rockdale County

Photo 2: Athens, Clarke County

Photo 3: Jasper, Pickens County

Photo 4: Tate House, Tate, Pickens County

Photo 5: Newnan, Coweta County

Photo 6: Cherokee County

Photo 7: Athens, Clarke County

Photo 8: MacIntosh Reserve, Carroll County

Photo 9: Acworth, Cobb County

Photo 10: Fayetteville, Fayette County

Photo 11: Kennesaw Mountain, Cobb County

Photo 12: Hapeville, Fulton County

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