Georgia songs

Here are quotes from a few Georgia songs

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"Welcome to her world
Welcome to the world
Of my Georgia girl"

Georgia Girl
by Collective Soul

"We’ve got everything you need
And a whole lot more
Down in Georgia
You’re in Georgia now"

You're In Georgia Now
by The Wrights

" Now I don't mean no disrespect to the states
I travel through all the time
I just get awful anxious till
I put myself back on that Georgia line"

Through Hell And Half Of Georgia
by Dave Dudley

"That Georgia sun was blood red and goin' down
That Georgia sun was blood red and goin' down"

Blood Red And Goin' Down
by Tanya Tucker

"I'm going to Georgia
I'm going to Rome
I'm going to Georgia
Gonna make it my home"

I'm Troubled
by Jerry Garcia

"Headin’ into the hills again,
Thursday, North Georgia bound
‘Bout 43 miles to my destination,
Little gold rush college town

Blue Ridge Mountains on the horizon. Here I come
Smoke like a freight train, passin’ time racin’ the sun
When I cross that city limit sign, I’m feelin’ fine
Oh Dahlonega"

by Corey Smith

"So please, Mr. Conwell
Could you except the charges?
When I told you "A cold day in Macon", I lied
And if your pecan trees still need a-shakin'
I'll be back a-beggin' fast as the grey dog flies"

Georgia Hard
By Robbie Fulks

"I'm gonna let the sun warm me in the morning
Gonna drink some lemonade in the evening shade
I'm gonna take the next bus on back to Georgia
Gonna wear magnolia blossoms in my hair"

Next Bus Back To Georgia
by Jean Shepard

"Well them Georgia Peaches
Sure do got the style
They'll steal your heart with a Southern smile
Well they talk a little funny, but they look so fine
The older they get, I swear it’s like good wine
I think they're cute, think they're cute as they can be
Talkin' about a funny talkin', honk-tonking Georgia Peach"

Georgia Peaches
by Lynyrd Skynyrd

Photo 1: Rutledge, Morgan County

Photo 2: Chickamauga Battlefield, Catoosa County

Photo 3: Rutledge, Morgan County

Photo 4: Cobb County

Photo 5: Rome, Floyd County

Photo 6: Dahlonega, Lumpkin County

Photo 7: Stone Mountain, DeKalb County

Photo 8: Blue Ridge, Fannin County

Photo 9: Hoschton, Jackson County

Photo 10: Cherokee County

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