I said yeah! yeah! yeah! Atlanta!

Atlanta burned during The Civil War as Sherman made his way to the sea. But, like the mythical Phoenix, it brushed off the ashes, and lit a flame of its own. It is a truly international city, hosting the 1996 Olympics, and is home of the world's busiest airport (Hartsfield-Jackson), the world's most popular soft drink (Coca-Cola), the largest fish bowl in the world (The Georgia Aquarium), the setting of "Gone With The Wind," and we've got lots of Peachtree Streets; Literally, dozens and dozens of Peachtree Streets/Roads/Lanes/etc run through Atlanta. (A word of advice: Be VERY specific when asking for directions.)

Here are just a few songs that mention the ATL.

"I'll shut my mouth some more...'til Atlanta.
Summer is coming and I'm heading home..."

by The Lost Trailers

"Same old place, same old city,
What can I do, I'm falling in love,
I'm just an old hound dog, Roaming around, oh lord,
I got all this and heaven above,
Oh, Atlanta, hear me calling,
I'm coming back to you one fine day,
No need to worry, there ain't no hurry,
'Cause I'm, on my way back to Georgia,
On my way back to Georgia.

I get a feeling when I remember,
All the crazy days and
crazy nights,
Country music playing,
You must have heard them saying,
They're going to whip it up,
And light up the lights

Oh, Atlanta, hear me calling,
I'm coming back to you one fine day
No need to worry, there ain't no hurry,
'Cause I'm, on my way back to Georgia, On my way back to Georgia."

Oh, Atlanta
by Bad Company

"But you know I'll return
For Atlanta I burn
Atlanta you're my home
All my life, all my days."
by Pretty Things

"I pulled into Atlanta, stolen tags and almost out of gas
I had to get some money, and lately I'd learned how to get it fast
Them neon lights was calling me and somehow I just had to get downtown
So I reached into the glovebox, another liquor store went down."
I'm The Only Hell My Mama Ever Raised
By Moot Davis


"I'd bust all the glass in Atlanta
Chop down the biggest Georgia pine"
Metal, Stone, Glass and Wood
By Trent Summar & The New Row Mob

"Even before my father's father
They called us all rebels
While they burned our cornfields
And left our cities leveled
I can still feel the eyes of those blue-bellied devils
Yeah, when I'm walking round at night
Through the concrete and metal"

By Tom Petty

"Another man from Atlanta, Georgia
By the name of Martin Luther King
He shook the land like rolling thunder
And made the bells of freedom ring today
With a dream of beauty that they could not burn away
Just another holy man who dared to be a friend"

They Killed Him Lyrics
by Kris Kristofferson

"I'm Atlanta blue,
Wishin' I could be with you
Summertime in Georgia
I'm dreamin' of you,
And that makes me
Atlanta blue"

Atlanta Blue
by Statler Brothers



"Oh Atlanta, Oh Atlanta!
I said yeah! yeah! yeah!
Atlanta, got to get back to you
Well you can drop me off on Peachtree
I got to feel that Georgia sun..."

Oh Atlanta
by Little Feat

All photos were taken in Atlanta, Georgia

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